Condition & Dilapidation Surveys


Schedule of Conditions identify the condition of a property at a specific time.

It is advisable that a schedule of condition is carried out when incoming tenants are required to record the condition of a property prior to taking up a Tenancy Agreement.

A schedule of condition is also normally carried out as part of a Party Wall Award.

The schedule of condition will identify defects in the building and be recorded in writing and with photographs.

The schedule of condition should be formally agreed by both parties and it should form part of the tenancy documentation at the outset.


Dilapidation Survey

This is normally carried out on behalf of the Landlord or the Tenant.

To help with the settlement of building condition disputes and liabilities, either during or at the end of a Tenancy Agreement.



National Landlords Association

As members of the National Landlords Association, we are well aware of current housing and tenancy matters. We are, therefore, well placed to offer help and advice in this respect and to carry out Condition and Dilapidation surveys.

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